Litho printing remains the most economical and versatile method of printing images on paper, and the amazing enhancements in digital plate making have steadily reduced costs, making shorter Litho runs more viable. The greatest metamorphosis however, has been in digital printing and over the past 20 years, speed and quality has improved exponentially, while costs are lower now than they were in 1992. Digital proofing was introduced into our DNA in 1993 and variable data digital printing shortly thereafter.

We now have a combined colour and B&W digital capacity of two million A4 sheets in a 24 hour cycle which allows us to print anything from large statement runs to books on demand in a heart beat. Colour gamut now exceeds that of Litho, particularly on uncoated papers while paper weights and sizes are being extended continually. Formidable programming capabilities allow us to extract and adapt data base information to provide cutting edge marketing and administrative opinions to our clients.

Being able to personalise your message increases both campaign effectiveness and return on investment. Personalisation goes far beyond simply pasting a contacts name in every conceivable space.

Applications include:

  • Personalised salutation & address, including postal barcodes.
  • Customer number.
  • Personalised content confirming this customers specific purchases & services subscriptions.
  • Variable signature with this customers account manager or representatives contact information.
  • Personalised QR code that link directly to this customers personal web page.

We started our variable-data department over 10 years ago and it has become one of our core-capabilities. We service clients both nationally and around the globe. Having the capability to produce and store base stock on-site helps us provide considerable savings and dramatically reduces turnaround time.