Continuous transformation since 1992 has seen FormsXpress evolve into a single resource for computer forms, lithographic, digital and variable data printing with both reprographic and laser programming facilities. With 120 permanent staff, utilising the best colour management and production software, we are able to produce an extensive range of products in-house and on time.

All work is billed from a single entity, reducing administration while, departmental integration allows cross utilisation of resources and jobs to progress seamlessly from one department/operation to another.

Staff are carefully screened for the elusive X factor and undergo a minimum two year learnership, where they are taught to run progressively more complex machines.


A simple Management Structure under the direction of the member ensures close colaboration and adaption to client needs and complete integration of the production process.


Prospective employees who are keen to train as printers may at any time undertake aptitude testing.

We carefully select both men and woman based on their test results which will ensure they have the inherent X factor to train in one or more areas of printing.

In this manner we have trained staff who might otherwise have been unable to find rewarding employment in the private sector.